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If you have looked at my Acrylic on canvas paintings and would like something larger or more personal, it might be a fun idea to commission an original artwork from me. From big to small these canvases are ready for you wall upon completion. 

Aimee lindeque- painting- canvas- plants.jpg

Most people are drawn to a painting I have done in the past. If you have something in mind that might make for a good painting commission, I am open to requests, but I reserve the right to decline requests that do not suit my style, artistic practice or ethics.


410mmx300mm:R5 500
800mmx60mm:R12 000
1600mmx1200mm:R25 000

*These are estimates, each artwork may be subject to a price change (more or less) based on the requirements. Prices do not include shipping and framing costs.



Shipping costs may vary significantly based on your location and the size of the painting. International shipping (outside of South Africa) can be arranged and I will supply a quote for the shipping before any work commences. 

Shipping in South Africa is done nation wide. If you are based in or around Cape Town, it is also possible to collect the artwork directly from my studio in Salt River to save on shipping costs.


Framing a canvas is unnecessary. But you can discuss with me if you would like the work framed and I can arrange for some options through my framer. 

If the painting you commission is very large or needs to travel very far I will take it off its strecher and roll it into a postal tube. This keeps the artwork safe and brings down the cost of shipping, especially internationally. Then you simply have to restrech the artwork at your own local framer. 

Shipping can range as much as R100- R3000 and up. 

All depending on location and size.



Thanks! I'll be in contact with you shortly

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