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Aimee Lindeque- cape town artist- south africa.jpg

Hi i'm Aimee Lindeque

Thank you for visiting my website! I am a Cape Town based artist. I am originally from Nelspruit but I moved down to cape town to study art... and never left. 

Artist statment:

Aimee explores the contrast between calm and chaos through her artwork. Her personal experience of moving from a rural farm to a busy city influenced her conceptual framework. She's interested in the disparities between rural and urban environments, and how modern life's sensory overload affects us. Aimee's artistic process mimics how we navigate through overwhelming amounts of information, honing in on certain details while discarding others. Her surreal visual narratives draw from everyday life, encouraging viewers to look closer, meditate, and smile. It's a detail-drenched kaleidoscope of strange imagery. Akin to Hieronymous Bosch meetting Where's Wally.

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