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If you have looked at my watercolour painting doodle series and would like something larger or more personal, it might be a fun idea to commission an original artwork from me. Please keep in mind these paintings can sometimes take more than a month to complete and I have a commission waiting list, so I am unable to fulfill requests on short notice.

Aimee Lindeque- painting- commission- watercolour- original.jpg

Most people are drawn to a painting I have done in the past. This can be useful as a reference for the shape or colour scheme of the painting. My watercolours are a playful exploration that I have developed as a result of a lifetime of doodling and sketching. I don't paint to specification, but it can be fun to receive a prompt from a client as a starting point for a composition and I enjoy hearing a bit about who you are and what you like. So if you like owls and spaceships, or something more general like the ocean or plants, you can let me know and I might use that as a starting point. Not all subject matter suits my style, and while I am open to ideas I reserve the right to decline certain requests.

Aimee Lindeque- artist- commissions- painting.heic


550mmx400mm: R10 000
550x800mm: R20 000
800mmx1M: R30 000
1.5Mx1M: R45 000

*These are estimates, each artwork may be subject to a price change (more or less) based on the requirements. Prices do not include shipping and framing costs.



Shipping costs may vary significantly based on your location and the size of the painting. International shipping (outside of South Africa) can be arranged and I will supply a quote for the shipping before any work commences. 

Shipping in South Africa is done nation wide. If you are based in or around Cape Town, it is also possible to collect the artwork directly from my studio in Salt River to save on shipping costs.


I use a great local company that provides high quality custom frames for my artworks. Framing is usually done with glass and a thin wooden profile. I will send through some framing options if you decide to commission an artwork. 

Framing the artwork is a great way to protect it during shipping, and can be time consuming. All watercolour commissions must be framed, seeing as there is no other way to display the artwork on a wall.

Here is a rough estimate for framing costs:

550mmx400mm: R1000

550x800mm: R2000

1.5Mx1M: R3000

*These are rough estimates and the framer may change them at any time.


Thanks! I'll be in contact with you shortly

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