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This building in Cape Town has become an obsession of mine. I saw it for the first time while walking up Harrington Street to get bagels at New York Bagel. I looked up and became obsessed with the pipes framing the windows. I loved how the workings of the building were not hidden away. It's not just this brick block; it becomes more alive when you see what it needs to stay functioning. Right down to the air vents and the large studio windows, this building has fascinated me. After I made an ink sketch of it, it felt like it needed to move onto canvas next. That's how this little gem came about.


It has also been so cold lately while working in the studio that I am constantly in full winter attire. I did this unknowingly, but a fellow studio artist pointed out to me that the beanie I had been wearing the whole time while painting this work was the same color as the sides I ended up painting around the canvas. You can see from the pictures that they do indeed match quite nicely.


Acrylic on canvas

Signed and dated by the artist (me Aimee)

Size: 30cm 4cm 

"The building behind New York Bagel"

R2 950,00Price