378mm(h) x516mm(w)

Limited Edition of 50

Artist Print on Felix Schoeller true fibre

Signed and Editioned by Aimee Lindeque

Watch how it was made through this youtube link: Click here.


Here is an interpretation of the painting told by Dylan Keith Ranger:


"In the desert, the sun god bakes everything yellow. Dunes and rocks, sand and cacti- all are yellow. Nothing but yellow can be seen up until the point where the horizon gives way to the blue of the sky. Salla A’nuga says that the sun god made all things yellow so that they would be equal. But if that is true, why did the sun god make us defenceless and give the Nargh’Al such terrible spines? My people are born yellow, just like all other creatures of the desert. It helps when we venture out of our caves to forage for food and materials. It makes it harder for our prey to see us coming, but it also makes it easier to escape when we are the ones being hunted by the Nargh’Al.  We were all content to be yellow until the night the fire rained down from the sky. Salla A’nuga said it happened because the sun god was angry that day as he made his journey across the sky. It caught fire as he passed, and it fell down to earth and shattered on the desert sand. Just between us, I don’t think the sky god was angry. I think he finally took pity on us, and that is why he sent us the skystone as a gift. That night, we watched in awe from our cave dwellings as the sky fell in a rain of fire that plunged into the yellow sand. It was the loudest sound I’ve ever heard when the sky hit the sand. It fell in many places, as far north as Pash-Vera and as far west as Kanu-Vera’I. Years later, travellers from the unknown east came bearing more of the precious skystone and told us that their village had been destroyed the night the sky had fallen. It was a night that changed everything for our people.  When morning came, and it was deemed safe to venture outside, we went looking for the fire that the sun god had sent us. I remember well the long trek to the nearest crater. It was a two-day journey and it was necessary for us to overnight outside, far from the safety of our cave, exposed to the threat of the Nargh’Al. I was still a child and it was the furthest I had been allowed to venture from our cave.   The sand had turned to glass where the sky fell, melted by the heat. We went in search of the sky fire, but the flames had long since died out. What we found instead where shards of blue stone that were still warm to the touch. That was when we realised that it was the sky itself that had fallen. It was the first colour other than yellow that any of us had ever seen in the desert.  The blue skystone was opaque, and low and behold when we peered through it, we discovered that the desert turned green. We had known only the yellow of the desert, the blue of the sky and the black of night when the sun god went to sleep for the day and drained all colour from the world. Now we knew another colour; we could see green. But that was not all that we saw. Nearby, Salla A’nuga cried out in distress as she spied a Nargh’Al stalking toward us. It was perfectly camouflaged to the naked eye, but through the opaque skystone, it was possible for us to discern its outline as it crept toward us. Not all of us made it home that day, but for the first time, we had something we could use to our advantage against the Nargh’Al."



"Seeking Blue" Artist Print

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