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"Machines, Mushrooms, and Men"

The machines hum and whirr,

Mushrooms grow beneath the earth,

Men bridge the two worlds with their worth.

This artist print is part of my ongoing alliteration series. I have a limited edition print of this original watercolour painting available. A small edition of only 10.

The artwork is a colourful entanglement of the three elements, each flourishing and expanding in its own way. The painting's growth resembles that of a fungus, demonstrating how things can develop and evolve in unexpected and fascinating ways.

Take some time to reflect upon the interactions between these elements, and consider adding this print to your collection 😉. Each time you look at it you'll notice something new.

Small edition of 10

Size: 270mmX 420mm

Giselle print on etching rag paper of 305gsm

Hand-signed in pencil by me (the artist).

"Machines, Mushrooms and Men"

R1 300,00Price
Only 7 left in stock
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