03/10/2021- “Pine escape”

Clouds in the sky above a pine tree plantation.

The pine trees stand on the mountain ledge like a regiment of soldiers, waiting for the loggers to come. Some have thought of deserting; to abandon the neat formation of rows and to make their own way.

There is a potential to flourish in a space of vegetation just down the mountain side. It would be a strange new world for them. Their new neighbours might resent how much water they use and who knows what the conditions would be like?

Every so often, a lucky deserter will find a foothold on a ledge where the loggers can't reach them and they don't have to vie for space with other trees. Life can look very different for an escaped plantation pine. Every now and then you see one of these pointy escapees in the mountains scattered between the bodies of other trees that werent so lucky.

03/10/2021- “Pine escape”