22/10/2021-“A little friend”

This actually happened to me at my old studio in university. I was working late one night on campus and there was a little mouse in the building scampering about. It was definitely drawn in by the nic-naks my friend had left behind.

I ignored it and went home that night with my backpack. Later that evening over supper, the same tiny mouse was in my kitchen!

My apartment has never had any kind of pest before; it's high up on the 11th floor. The creature somehow followed me home... After an hour of trying to catch it, it hid under the washing machine and I left it there for the night.

The following day I was back at studio with my same backpack. I saw the mouse actually climb out of the backpack, the little stowaway had returned to studio with me!

It definitely had some wild stories to tell it’s friends, tales of a great adventure. I can understand how ancient mariners spread mice all over the world!

22/10/2021-“A little friend”