2/10/2021- “Zen and the art of work desk maintenance”

My grandfather was an engineer who always kept his desk immaculate. Ordering all his pens and papers every morning. He even had a magnifying glass that was always clean…

This does not come naturally to me. What comes naturally to me is turning around and having an explosion on my desk. Right now this dining room table I use for a work table is just littered with inktober stuff. Ink, pens, sketchbooks and notebooks everywhere. I try to clean up once a week, but towards the middle of the week I’m sitting in a valley of clutter with some jars of peanut butter tucked in between all my stationary, tech and coffee cups.


Luckily I get a lot of inspiration from clutter. A busy space is so visually stimulating. Working in a more orderly environment has its appeal; an ordered desk is supposed to be the sign of an ordered mind. I’m listening to some minimalist podcasts at the moment and they all extoll the virtues of decluttering, but it's so cozy in my den of chaos.

12/10/2021- “Zen and the art of work desk maintenance”