14/10/2021- “pack mule”

It sometimes feels like there’s two kinds of people in the world. Those who can travel with one micro backpack for a month long trip overseas; they only take a single streamline laptop to work or carry one small baggie for lunch.

Then you get haullers. People who have a truckload of stuff on them all the time. No matter where they go, they have three full bags and two coats with pockets brimming. Maybe they're more prepared or maybe they're modern day gypsies...

When your hauling your day around with you, your mouth becomes the hook for your keys and every limb has multiple bags dangling from it. It leaves you wondering how other people do it.

That is until they ask you to hold something for them quick... and you think to yourself 'Ah that's how…'

14/10/2021- “pack mule”