09/10/2021- “ink in the water”

It was international octopus day on Friday which reminded me of a drawing I wanted to do specifically for INKtober.

On a recent scuba diving trip, I saw an octopus duck away under a rock, or at least I think that was what happened. One minute the octopus was there and then it vanished like an underwater magician; in a cloud of black ink.

I had to remind myself that people regularly eat and draw with octopus ink, so it was okay for me to be surrounded by the stuff. I reached out to touch the inky cloud, but it dissapated quickly, vanishing just like the octopus. It was a truly fitting inktober experience.

Octopuses are always a highlight to see in the ocean. I was so happy to have a new encounter with one, even though I accidentally gave it a big fright!

Didn’t manage to take a photo of the octopus ink but I did get a shot of this school of yellow fish that we saw shortly after the inky encounter.

09/10/2021- “ink in the water”